Vivid places

Programme for the public space revitalization in Bratislava 

Public spaces, neglected for many years, will be revived and after the transformation they will offer the Bratislava residents a pleasant and functional environment suitable for spending free time there or meeting up of the communities.

Bratislava has a large debt in the modernization and quality of the public spaces, therefore we are introducing the programme for the public space revitalization „Vivid places“.

Functional public space is one of the most important component of the city and is fundamental on how we experience our city together and how our relationships work in it. The result of the public space revitalization are more places where we will enjoy spending time and which are accessible to everyone from children to elders.

Vivid places are historically the first-ever framework of a systematic change of the public space in the capital city on several levels. One of them is the results of the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava effort represented by public space reconstructions, which have been implemented from the year 2021. In co-operation with the city boroughs, we are preparing another bundle of public space revitalization projects.

Another level is to continue with the standardization of working with public spaces – expansion of the Principles and Standards of the Public Space Design Manual. For example, we prepare direction on new paving, its process of laying, colour, shape and characteristics, green traffic islands, as well as a solution concept for housing estate public courtyards.

The third level is the Grant scheme Communities in co-operation with the Bratislava City Foundation with the scope of the public space revitalization. What is important, is that it is not about individual projects for specific places. We introduce a systematic approach to the public spaces in Bratislava, which should be available to all residents.

Vivid Places have been established thanks to the cooperation of the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava, Urban Greenery Development Department and Bratislava Urban Forests.

Projects in the Vivid Places programme


Swiss RE

Ďakujeme za podporu projektu Parčík Radlinského a podporu starostlivosti o platany na Trnavskom mýte

ČSOB Nadácia

Ďakujeme za podporu projektu Parčík Žilinská