Sample Competition Conditions

We have prepared sample competition conditions to help other institutions prepare transparent, functional, and efficient architectural competitions. 

The Competitions Section of the MIB has developed sample competition terms and conditions to be used for the formulation of architecture competitions. The authors of the document drew on previous experience with competitons at the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava, thanks to which they were able to prepare guidelines for efficient, functional, and transparent architectural competitions intended for other contracting authorities interested in architecture projects. The MIB intended to facilitate the work of fellow architects as well as public institutions, while at the same time offering uniform and functional rules for competitions. 

The documents, which can be downloaded below, deal with three types of conditions for competition: 

  • terms and conditions for small competitions, 
  • the terms and conditions for the single-round competition, 
  • info document for the competitive dialogue. 

The Declaration of Participant and Authors can be found in an annex. 

We would also like to draw your attention to the Manual of Architectural Competitions prepared by The Slovak Chamber of Architects. 

You can watch the recording of the online webinar where the authors of the sample conditions explained how to work with them.