The Principles and Standards

The Principles and Standards form the second part of the Manual, building on the values defined in the Manifest

It is a set of operational documents of a more technical nature that define the basic rules of specific elements or parts of the public space with a focus on spatial parameters in the city. They are based on the principles of design and implementation. 

The Manual deals with principles and rules in general terms and cannot be adopted mechanically, regardless of context. The Manual is not site-specific. Where they are mentioned, this is to point to exemplary solutions and good or rather unfortunate examples in practice. However, these Principles are not an attempt at standardization and uniformity for all kinds of public spaces. To determine the importance of public spaces and specific interventions, a system of hierarchy could prove to be a natural approach during their study. 

The scope of the manual corresponds to the current need for information. It is a document that is kept up-to-date to always reflect the necessary updates and changes.  

The system of dividing the document into the Manifest and individual Principles and Standards allows the strategic fields to be operationally supplemented with details from practice or completely new topics.