Urban Plan For Bratislava 

Land use planning is crucial for achieving the sustainable development goals of any city. Bratislava’s land use plan understands that Bratislava is not only the capital of the Slovak Republic but also the centre of the metropolitan region and at the same time an important part of the Central European area. 

Bratislava’s land use plan (hereinafter referred to as “urban plan”) is a legally binding long-term conceptual document that serves to guide its urban development. It creates the conditions for the promotion of a healthy environment, economic development, and the well-being of the inhabitants. This is also in terms of their sustainability.

The Urban Plan: 

  • protects and develops cultural, natural, and civilized values in the area (including urban, architectural, or archaeological heritage)  
  • protects the landscape as an essential component of the environment and character of the city  
  • determines the conditions for the economic development of the area  
  • ensures the protection of the undeveloped land  

Without a valid land use plan, the city would lose the basic concept of its development and the opportunity to coordinate development plans in the city, provide necessary services for residents and reserve land for strategic transport, technical and social infrastructure projects. Spatial planning is a manifestation of public interest and therefore the topicality of the urban plan is guaranteed by its regular updates conditioned by a thorough analysis of the reasons for its changes or additions. 

The urban plan is procured by the spatial planning authority – the Capital City of Bratislava – through a professionally qualified person. The urban plan is approved by Bratislava’s City Council and its binding part is announced by a generally binding regulation. The currently valid urban plan was approved by the resolution of the Capital City of Bratislava’s Council No. 123/2007. It came into effect on September 1, 2007 and is continuously updated to this day. 

Amendments And Additions to The Urban Plan 

According to Section 30 of the Building Act, which regulates the procedure for updating land use planning documentation, the spatial planning authority that has procured the urban plan shall continuously monitor whether the spatial-technical, economic, and social assumptions, based on which the concept of the organization of the territory was proposed, have changed. If there is a change in assumptions or it is necessary to accommodate public utility structures, the planning authority shall procure an amendment or change to the planning documentation. During the use of the valid urban plan, various state and municipal authorities, legal and natural persons have submitted suggestions and requirements for revision of the solution, guidance and regulation, or evaluation of individual functional areas.