Bratislava 2030

Bratislava 2030 with the subtitle City Development Program 2022-2030 is a strategic document, which you may also know under the older name of Economic and Social Development Program (ESDP). It is a key document for the management of local government, which identifies challenges and defines goals and priorities for future development. At the same time, it provides a set of measures and tools that will enable local government to achieve the set objectives. 

The document is divided into three parts. 

A – The vision of Bratislava describes the overall vision for the development of the city and also briefly touches upon the fundamentals of strategic planning is. It also includes executive and financial parts. 

B – The analytical part contains a comprehensive assessment of the baseline situation of the city. The thematic areas in the analytical section follow the structure of local government competencies. The analytical section is structured according to 11 thematic areas which follow the structure of local government competencies. We expand on these starting points in the strategic part through strategic and specific objectives. 

C – The strategic part contains the development strategy of the city, taking into account its internal specifics and determining the main directions, priorities, and objectives for the city’s development while respecting the principles of regional policy to achieve a balanced and sustainable development of the territory maintaining a high quality of life for the inhabitants. This section contains also information on the program section, which includes in particular a list of measures and actions to ensure the implementation of the city development program. 

More about the Bratislava 2030 Strategic Plan can be found on a separate webpage