Public Space Concepts Section

The public space in which we move around significantly influences how we feel in the city, how we live in our surroundings. We want public spaces to be functional, easy to maintain and inclusive for all groups of residents or visitors to the city.  

The aim of the section is to ensure that public realm projects in the city are based on consistent principles and principles, so that their overall visual appearance is compact.

The Public Space Concepts Section therefore develops methodologies, principles and principles for the creation and renovation of public spaces. It systematically prepares 'public space manuals' for individual public space themes. The manuals are mainly intended for planners who apply these principles in their projects.

In addition to the development of the methodologies, we are continuously involved in the development of specifications, tender conditions or evaluation criteria for projects that are currently being designed and implemented in the public realm, whether at the MIB or other public and private organisations.

Petra Marko, MA Arch ARB

MIB Director and Head of the Public Space Concepts Section

Ing. arch. Oto Nováček


Ing. arch. Kristína Kasalová


Ing. arch. Ján Urban


Ing. arch. Lucia Grigová

Junior Architect

Ing. arch. Jakub Kypus

Senior Architect

Ing. arch. Andrea Boroš Leitmann

Senior Architect