Department of Spatial Concepts and Analyses

Good quality data is an important basis for planning Bratislava. We monitor and evaluate information on the city’s basic functions – housing, jobs, amenities, services and culture – and their impact on the city’s development.

All these numbers, indicators and indicators are linked to economic, social and especially demographic facts about Bratislava. The monitored data are regularly updated and the results are applied in the city’s spatial development strategies and concepts.

The task of the department is to:

  • To create long-term visions for Bratislava in the form of urban spatial development concepts.
  • To prepare spatial planning and other documents for the functional components of the city.
  • To prepare spatial development concepts for the following areas of the city.
  • To update the limits and potentials of the city’s development.
  • To draw up urban building regulations.
  • Create the conditions for the development of a compact city by updating the database of brownfield sites.
  • Preparing the basis for visually attractive communication of the outputs of the specialist materials.
  • Analyse and produce professional outputs according to requirements.

Ing. arch. Magda Ďurdíková

Head of the Department of Spatial Concepts and Analyses

Ing. arch. Norbert Dvorčák


Ing. arch. Patrícia Hrehušová


Ing. Jana Ilčíková


Ing. arch. Dana Drobniaková, PhD.


Mgr. Ondrej Oravec


Ing. Petra Sládečková