Data and GIS

Responsible management of urban development requires spatial information that is constantly updated, as well as the ability to use that information.  

This challenge has made geographic information science and technology an invaluable part of the work of urban planners. 

The Geographic Information System (GIS) is a tool used to acquire, analyse, visualize, and manage the spatially referenced data that underpin the system. They contain information about the geographical location and descriptive information about individual objects. 

GIS provides for the creation of spatial analysis and modelling which contributes to many important spatial planning tasks and decisions.

Current Team Workload: 

  • Digitization and map processing of the urban study of the height zoning of Bratislava 
  • Digitization and map processing of the full text of Bratislava's Master Plan.
  • Update and digitization of territorial generals (education, culture, sports, green spaces, allotment gardens, etc.)  
  • Creation of a more efficient internal system and stock-checking of amendments and supplements to the spatial plan of the capital city of Bratislava  
  • Map Applications Development  
  • Support for GIS education in other MIB departments