Public Spaces Manifest

The Manifest is a value-based conceptual introduction to the manual of principles and standards. 

It is a values-based document dealing with a general analysis of existing problems and defining its principles. 

It also includes evaluation of related topics that affect the quality of public spaces. The main themes are mobility, environment and ecology, climate change adaptation, public health, inclusiveness and security, spatial identity, social environment, governance, and maintenance. 

The Manifest draws on these topics for further elaboration in the Principles and Standards. The districts are divided into five chapters: Pedestrian-Friendly City, Green City, Caring City, Attractive City, and Clean City. 

Each of the chapters discusses specific topics. These are interwoven, complementary, and repetitive between the chapters. They thus create a comprehensive view of the issue of public spaces in the city. 

The Manifest for Public Spaces is now also available in English 

Manifesto for Public Space