New Multifunctional Zone Janíkov Dvor

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The multifunctional zone Janíkov dvor in southern Petržalka will connect several functions that are key for the healthy development of the city.

The future multifunctional zone will be built according to the design of the studio B.K.P.Š., which won the architectural-urban competition. 104 rental flats, a kindergarten for 80 children, a nursing home for 40 clients, a P+R parking house with a capacity of approximately 470 cars, and a safe stand for 100 bicycles will be built there. The newly created zone should also include the missing amenities, public toilets, shops, and also space for various services such as restaurants or hairdressers. At the same time, the final stop of the new tram radial will be nearby.

The development of the currently unused area will contribute to the fact that this location will meet the principles of the so-called “15-minute city”. The residents could find everything they need in the vicinity and do not have to travel long distances by car or public transport.

Janíkov dvor - riešené územie
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