Krasňany Depot

Authorization processes
Completed projects

One of the project's objectives is to increase safety by improving the quality of surfaces, expanding pavements and improving accessibility in the area.

A public space near the Krasňany depot with high pedestrian and cyclist traffic is a place with which now serves as a parking lot. The parking function for visitors, residents and employees of the adjacent office building is to be maintained. Subsequently, the surrounding green areas are also to be addressed. 

This project is part of the Programme for the public space revitalization in Bratislava – Vivid Spaces. It is the first-ever framework for a systematic change of the public space of the capital on several levels. The scheme is implemented in cooperation with the capital city and the city districts. 

Cooperation With Municipal Districts 

The projects in the city districts are part of the projects for the improvement of public spaces by Bratislava City and the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava. The city aims to improve the quality of roads, sidewalks and public spaces for all Bratislava residents throughout the city. 

Architects from Atrium s.r.o., PLURAL s.r.o., Studený architekti s.r.o., who have been chosen from an architectural competition last year, will work on the projects. Six architectural teams have been chosen from the competition and will work with the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava on the creation and renovation of the city’s public spaces over four years.