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In cooperation with the capital, we have improved the long-neglected area on Trnavské Mýto near the New Market Hall. It is one of the busiest interchanges in the city and although this area was reconstructed 4 years ago, staying in this area during hot summer days was impossible due to overheated asphalt. Due to lack of shade, those who did not have to wait for public transport vacated the area quickly. We, therefore, investigated the underground networks and found that trees can be planted here after all. In the area in front of the market, we have created a pleasant place to sit in the shade, with quality paving, 5 mature plane trees and benches.

We planted 5 large, 12 m tall plane trees (Platanus x acerifolia) with a trunk circumference of 80-100 cm. Once green, these large specimens immediately provide shade and immediately change the atmosphere of the area significantly. It will not be necessary to wait several years for the smaller trees that are commonly planted in the city to grow big. 

To help these large individuals to establish themselves in a challenging environment, we used a tree root bunker system. Thanks to its chamber system, there is no compaction in the root space of the tree and the roots are provided with sufficient air and water. As long as the root space is free of impermeable materials and layers, the tree can develop a species-specific and regular root system, which increases its prosperity and thus its lifespan. 

The selected long-lived tree species Platanus x acerifolia is also resistant to higher temperatures and climate changes. Thanks to its robustness and rapid growth, it will also help to cool down this space in summer.  zmenám. Vďaka svojej mohutnosti a rýchlemu rastu zároveň pomôže tento priestor v lete schladiť.

The revitalisation includes the addition of new benches and pavement.

This project is part of the Bratislava Public Spaces Renewal Scheme – Vivid Spaces