Supreme Court

Authorization processes
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The Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic approached the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava to prepare the Supreme Court building in Župné náměstí for the architectural competition.

Photo: Maroš Greš

The building of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic on the corner of Staromestská and Kapucínska streets was constructed according to Vladimír Dedeček’s design. The building is in poor shape with demanding energy management. At the same time, it does not meet the current needs of the court. The building on Župné námestie is therefore empty and the Supreme Court operates in four other buildings.

The Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic approached the MIB to assess the current state of the building and the needs of the institution, as well as organize an architectural competition. The competition aims to be responsible for the reconstruction of the building, taking into account the requirements of the Supreme Court for its functioning with the preservation of architectural values. Better economic and energy management should also be addressed.

The first step was a feasibility study, which will serve as the basis for the evaluation report of the Value for Money Department (Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic). On the basis of the evaluation of the individual solutions and the recommendations of the Value for Money Department, the MIB will prepare an architectural competition for the new seat of the Supreme Court.