Stepped Seating at IV. Rybník 

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Different widths and lengths of steps provide the visitor with different types of seating and contact with the water surface. The added value of the design is the use of local material for the implementation – larch wood directly from the Urban Forests in Bratislava.

The environment of the ponds at Železná studnička is exceptional for its unique combination of green and blue infrastructure. To convey the experience in such an environment, one can also use the so-called elements of small-scale architecture, which can provide the visitor with a refuge, an unusual view, or connect them with the water’s surface. One such feature – stepped seating with a footbridge – is also used on the bank of IV. Rybník. 

This project is part of the Programme for the public space revitalization in Bratislava – Vivid Spaces. It is the first-ever framework for a systematic change of the public space of the capital on several levels. The scheme is implemented in cooperation with the capital city and the city districts.