Rental apartment house on Parková Street 

Authorization processes
Completed projects

The construction of rental flats, especially for the elderly, is being prepared on Parková Street in Prievoz, which will be preceded by an architectural competition. 

Current state

Bratislava has long faced an acute shortage of rental housing and has been unable to provide affordable rental housing for its residents. The city is therefore working to provide more affordable rental housing. 

We also take into account the opinions of the residents, so before the conditions of the architectural competition were drawn up, we organised a meeting on the land that is the subject of the competition. This allowed the neighbours to meet with city officials and representatives to present the city’s plans. The meeting also served to identify the site’s problems more thoroughly. 

One of the objectives of these meetings is to inform the affected public about the city’s planned plans as well as ascertain important suggestions that could serve as a basis for the architectural competition. 

The outcome of this competition will be a design of a residence primarily for seniors and will fundamentally take into account their specific needs. 

One of the goals of these meetings is to inform the affected public about the plans of the city as well as to gain important ideas that could be used as a basis for defining the architecture competition.

The result of this architecture competition is a public housing design dedicated primarily to the senior residents that takes into consideration their specific needs.