Komenského square

Authorization processes
Completed projects

We want Komenského Square (Comenius Square) to turn into Komenského Park, where residents or passers-by can relax. Komenského Square is an intimate space in the city centre, behind the Slovak National Theatre building. In the past, there was a park, later a parking lot.

Through participation with the residents, a temporary architectural solution and an architectural competition, we want to achieve the transformation into a park and recreational space right in the city centre. 

As part of the project Komenského Square Comes Alive, we have organized a programme in the summer of 2019 there, and at the same time created a temporary seating area for all residents from the surrounding area or random passers-by. At the same time, we initiated a public engagement process to get important input from the public before the planned competition. 

Competition results

The competition results were announced in September 2020, the winning project was created by Totalstudio.

Participation in Komenského Square 

Nearly 1,400 participants from the general and professional public, including residents and people of all ages, were involved over the summer. In addition to two questionnaires and two meetings with the general and expert public, several interviews were held with experts, local people and people involved in managing the temporary use of the square during the summer and autumn of 2019. 

Based on the outputs, the main themes related to the future of the square became clear. The green, relaxing and quiet character of the square with trees, the support of pedestrians and cyclists, multi-generational and multi-functional utilization or the presence of culture resonated here. The need to respond to the climate crisis was also strongly voiced – to change the microclimate in the square and to provide shade and cooling in various ways.  


The findings were reflected in the competition specification and the preparation of a temporary solution for the square during the summer of 2020. Part of the architectural competition specification is the development of a landscaping solution, transport solution, architectural objects and the design of street furniture and public lighting.