Former ammunition depots on Pekná cesta

Authorization processes
Completed projects

One of the buildings on the site of the former ammunition depot in Pekná Cesta – the original gamekeeper's lodge – is to serve people again. The former gamekeeper's lodge will be intended for the public as a pavilion for spending leisure time with barbecues or wine tasting. It will also be a base for people going into the urban forest for hiking or cycling.

The semi-closed cellar with vaulted ceilings has been preserved from the original gamekeeper’s lodge, but it is not used at all, although hundreds of Bratislava citizens visit their surroundings. 

Several play and sports areas will also be added: 

  • petanque court
  • fire pits
  • water features
  • climbing frames for children
  • bicycle racks 

During the restoration, the original premises of the semi-recessed cellar of the gamekeeper’s lodge will be preserved. The masonry and floors will be refurbished, and new lighting will be added. To make premises accessible to people, the well shall be restored. 


The former gamekeeper’s lodge dates from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, which was later replaced by a new gamekeeper’s lodge. The building of the original one was incorporated into the ammunition depot complex. The porch ceiling shaped like a gable roof refers to the original appearance of the building. Most of the elements are designed with natural or near-natural materials and equally try to reflect the history of the place. 

In the spring of 2020, a new road was opened through the former ammunition depots, removing tons of construction waste and years of accumulated trash from the area. Several buildings could no longer be saved. 

This project is part of the Bratislava Public Spaces Renewal Scheme – Vivid Spaces.