Grössling Bath

Authorization processes
Completed projects

We want to restore the original function of the Grössling spa, add new forms of cultural and communal activities and open the place to the public. In addition to the renovation of the spa area, we plan to move part of the Municipal Library to a separate part of the building and thus create a public institution that will be accessible to all.

The main idea of Grössling is to immerse yourself – in Bratislava’s spa atmosphere, in relaxation, but also in books in the quiet space of the library. A branch of the Municipal Library will offer an artist-in-residency program that will welcome writers and translators alike. The café will become an open space with a children’s zone and a reading room for the daily press and book news. The concept also includes the renovation of the public spaces and the surroundings of the building and the creation of a park on Medená Street. 

Timeline of the object’s revitalization

Announcement of the competition

March 2020

Results of the 1st round

Summer 2020

Results of the 2nd round

Autumn 2020

Public presentation

Autumn 2020

Elaboration of the project documentation

Summer 2021

Demolishment works, chimney restoration

Spring and autumn 2021

Commencement of the park revitalisation on Medená street

Spring 2022

Commencement of the object reconstruction

Spring 2022

Completion of the revitalization


Participatory process

Moving the library to new premises is seen as an opportunity to fundamentally transform the library environment. As a part of our public engagement, we asked how the library space could be improved and enhanced for its current patrons, as well as for people who do not currently use the library space. The public opinion and attitude survey also focused on other aspects of the space, such as the future utilization of the spa and relaxation area. 

Specific groups will also be surveyed in more depth about their attitudes towards using the library, for example, senior citizens or ex-pats. A separate branch of the participation process involves librarians themselves.  

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