Bratislava City Pavement

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The floor of public spaces is like a horizontal facade of the city. Following cities such as London, Munich, Dresden, Berlin, Nuremberg or Barcelona, Bratislava will have its own new pavement. Uniform pavement unifies public spaces and helps to form the identity of the city.

We want to steer Bratislava from asphalt to pavement wherever the urban space requires it. 

Compared to the past, when Bratislava’s sidewalks were made of asphalt, concrete pavement is more environmentally friendly, more aesthetically pleasing, easier to maintain and continues the historical reference of the capital city. 

The new pavement in Bratislava is unique in its graphic elements, format, material and structure.  The pavement draws inspiration from the typical architecture of Bratislava and contains sensitive references to the iconic illustrations and graphic language of Miroslav Cipár, Ľudovít Fulla or Milan Dobeš, who, apart from Bratislava, are united by their love for geometric shapes. 

The unmistakable tile with the inscription “Bratislava” also refers to Bratislava artists. The pavement combines the modern with the classic in an original, yet understandable geometric language. 

Pavement is also preferable to asphalt in terms of climate change adaptation. It forms a permeable surface that helps absorb rainwater. The water thus stays in the area longer and helps improve the microclimate in the surroundings. 

Author of the graphic design Martin Jenča

The graphic design was a basis for the final design by Ján Urban, Roman Žitňanský, Martin Jenča

Manufacturer: CITY STONE DESIGN s.r.o.

Material: concrete pavement width x length x thickness 20x50x8 cm with a footing from pigmented concrete with a fine aggregate fraction

Free license for private and public investors

The Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava will provide a free license to anyone interested in using the Bratislava City Pavement on privately owned land under precisely defined conditions. With the extension of uniform paving and paving formats, the city’s streets and public spaces will gradually become more unified, which improves the feel and atmosphere of the city.

The paving license is granted for projects located in the territory of Bratislava. At the same time, it is a one-off license always for a specific project. If the developer has more than one project, he must reapply for the license. After obtaining a license, interested parties can have the pavement made at their own expense.

The applicant must also follow the rules in the Pavement Surfacing Principles and Standards document to ensure that the pavement is placed correctly. If necessary, the MIB will provide individual consultations to specifically advise on technical or other issues.

If you are interested in a license, please contact us at