Bazová complex

Authorization processes
Completed projects

The Bazová complex is an important point of development, which combines various functions and quality urban space. It shall undergo a complex change over the next ten years.

To revamp the brownfields and bring in the necessary functions, the area at Bazova street is waiting for renovation, which will create a shared and lively city block.

Planned functions of the premises:

  • administrative – seat of municipal institutions
  • cultural and social – multifunctional space
  • services – commercial/non-commercial operations
  • residential function – municipal rental apartments
  • recreational function/public space – central square

Since the Bazová complex is a vast and complex area, the revitalization will take place in stages. The first stage involves the reconstruction of the Workshop Hall and the revitalization of the surroundings. Studio GutGut will cooperate on this job.

The Workshop Hall (Object A) will be the first to be reconstructed
Vnútorná hala areálu
Current state