Vydrica Animal Observatory 

Authorization processes
Completed projects

The animal observatory is located at the Vydrica spring. It is possible to observe wildlife here. The object made of local material will serve all fauna enthusiasts. People will be able to relax and observe their surroundings undisturbed.

The hiking trail area around the spring and the valley of Vydrica in the Little Carpathians with its unique water environment is classified as a zone where logging is forbidden. In the future, it should be part of the national nature reserve, Vydrica Springs. Wildlife viewing is already possible here. The small and inconspicuous wooden object is supposed to make it more pleasant.

Territory in the logging-free zone consists of uncut meadows, stumps of former mature trees, fallen trees and scrub. An ideal area for quiet and undisturbed wildlife viewing. The added value of the project is not only the use of local material – larch, but also the simplicity of the proposed construction, which allows the project to be implemented by the Urban Forests in Bratislava.  

This project is part of the Programme for the public space revitalization in Bratislava – Vivid Spaces. It is the first-ever framework for a systematic change of the public space of the capital on several levels. The scheme is implemented in cooperation with the capital city and the city districts.