Vivid Square

Authorization processes
Completed projects

The SNP Square, Kamenné Square and Nežnej Revolúcie Square are among the most important urban spaces in Bratislava. This area, therefore, requires a comprehensive approach and consideration of entitlements of a large number of local actors.


Based on years of analyses and surveys, we want to create a unified public space on SNP Square and Kamenné Square. Thus, we organized an architecture competition, as well as a list of quick and light improvements that we gradually implement. 

Mapa riešeného územia
General area concerning the Vivid square

The solutions concern the following streets and squares: SNP Square, Kamenné Square, part of Dunajská Street, Špitálska Street, Rajská Street, Klobučnícka Street, Treskoňová Street, Hurbanovo Square and Župné Square. 

Quick solutions on Klobučnícka and Treskoňova Street 

Odstránené autá a nová zeleň
Klobučnícka street after the implementation of quick solutions

Feasible in a relatively short time frame, these changes will make the experience of the public space much more pleasant for residents and visitors alike. 

The modifications have been designed so that they do not present a barrier to later competition or a sunk investment if the elements are deemed redundant. That is why, for example, we suggest placing trees in pots. We can also test different interventions in the public space using Quick Solutions. For example, we can check where plants and trees thrive, what spacing is needed between bollards, or how to manage the squares more effectively. This knowledge can then be applied to other areas and inspire the manual for public spaces that we are working on.