Promenade at Železná studnička

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Having opportunities for outdoor recreation and activities in public spaces is more important today than ever. That is why we want to revitalize one of the most popular places in Bratislava.

železná studnička bežkyňa na lávke vizualizácia

The entire solution provides for barrier-free access to the ponds, and visitors will benefit from new piers along both lakes. There will be a possibility to observe plants and animals in the wetlands thanks to footbridges and bridges, without interfering with nature. 

The Iron Well will have new barriers, street furniture, and public transport stops made of natural materials. The design of the public lighting refers to the historical context of the area. Comfort for cyclists will be increased by creating new cycle stands, which have so far been lacking in the entire area. An important feature will also be the safe passage for amphibians across the road from the forest to the lakes through culverts – frog road crossings embedded in the roadway. 

At the beginning of 2020, we announced a competition for the design of the extension of the promenade at Železná studnička from the former Ferdinand’s baths (crossroads towards Kačín), around a pair of ponds, through Drieňovské meadows and ending near Sneženice.