Public housing on Terchovská Street

Authorization processes
Completed projects

New public housing will enhance Ružinov city quarter not only with new rental flats, but also with further public amenities and parking spots for both new and current residents.

Bratislava has faced a long-term acute lack of affordable public housing, therefore, the city is working on the development of new projects in order to improve the current state.

The competition assignment counts with one parking spot for each new flat of the public housing on Terchovská Street. At the same time, thanks to the new housing development, more than 30 parking spots will be created for the residents living in the surrounding area.

The design chosen based on the urban-architecture competition implements also the ideas that came from the participation activities with the current residents of the locality. After the project documentation is finished, which may take approximately two years, the public housing estate development could be initiated in 2022.