Bee meadow

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The area is located near the Krasňany mining plant at the Pekná Cesta. The meadow, which has been inaccessible to the public until recently, will open. Urban Forests of Bratislava will organize educational beekeeping courses and environmental programs for children, youth and adults.

včelín na Včelej lúke

The role of the Metropolitan Institute in this project was to find a suitable way to make the meadow accessible to the public and at the same time to increase safety in the vicinity, as the nearby road is heavily used by cyclists returning from the Carpathians. 

The meadow was fenced and overgrown, completely inaccessible to people, until now. Making the meadow accessible follows a strategy of expanding the areas available for short-term recreation. 

The project to include beekeeping in the activities of the Urban Forests in Bratislava was initiated as a response to the significant decline of the bee population in our region. The forest has always been one of the most suitable environments for beekeeping because of its rich sources of pollen, nectar and honeydew. In the past, apiaries used to operate on forest land, but they gradually disappeared. This way, the citizens can learn more about why beekeeping is of great importance for forestry. 

This project is part of the Programme for the public space revitalization in Bratislava – Vivid Spaces. It is the first-ever framework for a systematic change of the public space of the capital on several levels. The scheme is implemented in cooperation with the capital city and the city districts.