Streets for Kids

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We are changing the streets for children so that parents are not afraid to let them go to school alone.

The Streets for Kids project is designed to improve street safety around schools and increase the percentage of school children who walk to school. The project responds to the current situation where more and more children are being driven to school by their parents, even though they live close to the school.

The project started with pilot activities at the Tbiliská Primary School in Rača, which is attended by 830 children. The school is located on a street where the traffic situation is difficult every morning.

Activities include the involvement of children and parents in a participatory process, data collection, and the implementation of a continuous sidewalk on Tbiliská Street, which shall give pedestrians priority over cars at all times.

Motivation for the change of behavior is also part of it. To this end, the Pedestrian Bus and also the one-day festival Tbiliská at Play were held.

ZŠ Tbiliská and the traffic situation in the morning

Pedestrian Bus

Festival Tbiliská at Play