Architectural Competitions Section

The department aims to ensure that the future architecture in the city is of high quality, following the professional opinion of architects and local actors at the same time.  

An architectural competition is a form of public procurement that allows, based on transparent criteria, the selection of architectural services for the public sector. The winning design is not selected based on the lowest price, but concerning the quality of the resulting design.  

The Architectural Competitions Section provides a comprehensive organisation of design competitions and other forms of procurement of designs and services for architects. The work on the architectural competition starts with the creation of the specification and processing of documents (e.g., object mapping, stock-checking of trees, structural integrity certifications or monumental assessments), continues with the jury organization, followed by the announcement of the competition and the management of the competition process. After the competition, the department manages the conclusion of the contract with the winner and also participates in consultations over the proposal in progress to maintain its quality until implementation.   

Based on the experience gained, the department is developing a methodology for the creation of architectural competitions, which can be used by other municipalities. It also executes projects that allow public building investments to take place with the highest possible architectural quality.  

Ing. arch. Marek Harčarík

Director of the Architectural Competitions Section

Mgr. art. Maroš Greš


Mgr. art. Katarína Máčková


Ing. arch. Jan Doubek


Ing. arch. Veronika Vojteková


Ing. arch. Slávka Hertnekiová

architect, urbanist