Urban Studies and Participation Department 

The department actively involves residents and relevant participants through participatory processes in the city's plans and projects, whether it is adaptation of public space, city investment projects or development of strategies, concepts and policies.  

The main principle of the participatory process is openness and a positive approach to the involvement of people and organisations in the city development. The department works in an interdisciplinary manner, i.e., involving an as diverse and useful range of knowledge and perspectives as possible in addressing complex urban issues.   

The participatory process aims to identify needs, improve the quality of the adopted plans, strengthen the relationship between the public, the city and specific spaces. The Urban Studies and Participation Department seeks to involve a wide range of people, including groups that are not heard in conventional planning. Especially women, children, the elderly, people with specific needs, foreigners and others. Participatory planning is a cross-cutting discipline in which contemporary megatrends such as climate change and social inequalities resonate strongly.   

The department also systematizes knowledge on participatory planning and its implementation in planning practice.

Mgr. Juraj Hurný

participatory planning specialist

Ing. Lenka Kudrnová

participatory planning specialist

Ing. Rebeka Petrtylová

participatory planning specialist

Mgr. Zuzana Žurkinová

participatory planning specialist

MSc Dorota Šaríková

participatory planning specialist

Mgr. art. Zuzana Čupková, PhD.

participatory planning specialist